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Custom Designs can be arranged. Please complete the Contact Form below and allow two days for delivery.



Nurturing Nature Cards are recyclable – plant the seeded card and grow Swan River Daisies!

Dried and Preserved Everlasting flowers are now available to send across Newcastle with LBoF.  We are designing them in a range of beautiful ceramic textured and coloured pots. Check them out!

Little Bag of Everlasting Flowers $65
Banksia, Gumnuts & Teasel in Tapered Cement Pot $175
Banksia & Teasel in Sun Pot with Palm $150
Banksia & Teasel in Cement Pot $120
Tiny Everlasting Flowerpot White $50
Little More Yellow & White Everlasting Flowerpot $130
Little Blue/Green Everlasting Flowerpot $120
Little White & Natural Everlasting Flowerpot $99




Blue and pink Everlasting Flowerpot featuring daisies and billy buttons $189 (45cm high x 40cm wide)




What’s in the pot?

A collection of beautiful dried everlasting and preserved flowers are individually arranged with a variety of the following:

  • Preserved Hydrangea
  • Preserved Fern
  • Dried Billy Buttons
  • Pussy Tails
  • Fan Palm
  • Sun Palm
  • Banksias
  • Ming Fern
  • Preserved Ruscus
  • Wheat
  • Strawflowers
  • Dried Amaranthus
  • Sola Wood Flowers

Place them on counters, consoles, desks, workspaces, bathroom cabinets and vanities, study nooks, hallways consoles, coffee tables or kitchen benchtops.

Arriving in Style

Our Everlasting Dried Flowers are gift wrapped and presented in a white ribboned box with your personal message printed on a gift card. No need to water.  These flowers are a mix of dried and preserved so will last for a number of years.  Keep away from direct sunlight to reduce any fading of colours.

Love the Store to Door Price

Our Flowerpots are priced individually based on the flowers used for the arrangement. They start at $50 and our largest arrangements are $250.

Custom Designed Everlasting Flowerpot

If you’d like us to design something specific, then just complete the Contact Form below and let us know what colour palette you require and if there are specific dried and everlasting flowers you’d prefer. We’ll be in contact with a price and delivery date. (Please allow 48 hours from when the contact form is sent to delivery, providing all materials required are in stock and available.)

Thank you!

Everlasting Flowerpots Available

Tiny Everlasting White Flowerpot, Tiny Everlasting Pink, Tiny Everlasting Blue & Pink Flowerpot, Tiny Everlasting Green Flowerpot, Tiny Everlasting Dark Green Flowerpot, Tiny Everlasting Purple Flowerpot, Little Lavender Banksia Cement Flowerpot, Everlasting Jute Bag of Flowers White, Blue & Pink Everlasting Flowerpot featuring daisies & billy buttons, Little More Peach Flowerpot, Little More White & Yellow Flowerpot, Little Blue & Green Everlasting Flowerpot, Banksia, Gumnuts & Teasel in Tapered Pot, Banksia & Teasel in Sun pot, Banksia & Teasel in cement pot

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