Send a Floral Centrepiece


A floral centrepiece makes the table stunning  and adds some luxury to a memorable gathering with family and friends. It’s a 360 degree arrangement so all can enjoy the floral cheer!

Dimensions of ceramic box 25cm x 12cm x 12cm


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A fresh floral centrepiece creates a focal point and adds to the luxury of the event.  It can create a stunning atmosphere when dining with family and friends and make any occasion special.

Stunning floral centrepiece adds some luxury to the table
Little More size pictured

What’s in the box?

Our ceramic white centrepieces feature; red roses, burgundy, white, green and/or red dianthus along with berzillia berries, snapdragons Chrysanthemum Disbuds and Christmas bush. Between 20-30 flower heads are seen (depending on size selected).

This arrangement is designed with a 360 degree of floral joy so all gathered at the table can enjoy the blooms, whether the table is round or rectangular.

The design is not too high so that you can still chat and laugh across the table with family, friends and guests. Send it to yourself or to a friend as a gift for having everyone over!

Dimensions of ceramic box 25cm x 12cm x 12cm (flowers will create a 60cm long x 30cm wide x 25cm high display)


Love the Store to Door Price

3 sizes are available; little, little more and lot more. Whilst the size of the design will not vary too much, different blooms will be used. For example, in the Little size there will be more dianthus than roses. In the little more box we will use more roses than dianthus. And the Lot More size will increase the number of flower heads overall.

Little at $125, Little More at $175 and Lot More at $230



Little, Little More, Lot More

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