Little Box of Flowers


Box size; 13.5cm squared containing 5-7 flower heads with mixed foliage.

You can select between a bright colour palette or pastel colours. Please note our flowers and designs change daily so will not be as pictured here.  These are examples of the style and flowers we use in our Little Boxes of Flowers.


Nurturing Nature Cards are recyclable – plant the seeded card and grow Swan River Daisies!

Locally made and designed jewellery with beautiful messages.

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A little box of flowers can brighten someone’s day! No vase needed and no fussing with arranging.  These colourful recyclable boxes measure 13cm x 12cm and are filled with seasonal blooms.  We use biodegradeable foam which you can add water to, so they last 5-10 days. (Some of our customers have said up to 3 weeks!) The flowers are presented in a contrasting coloured nonwoven wrap. The box is then ribboned and your personal message printed on a gift card is popped in the box.  This is the perfect little flower box that’s guaranteed to make someone’s day! Only $39 plus delivery across Newcastle.

Big gesture.  Little price.

Some examples of previous Little Box of Flowers



Colour Palette

Bright & Happy, Pastel & Comforting

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