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Choose the plant you’d like to send from the options listed. The plant type and colour pot is listed. For example “Peace Lily White” is a Peace Lily plant that is potted in a white pot.


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Now delivering beautiful plants in gorgeous ceramic pots around Newcastle. So if you’re stuck for a housewarming gift or an alternative to flowers, then please look here at our selection of plants.

What’s in the pot?

Green is the word with our range of non-flowering small to mid-sized plants delivered in a range of  ceramic coloured pots.  Our varieties of mid-sized plants include: Monstera, Spath Plant (Peace Lilly), Fiddle Fig Leaf, Mini Palms, Peperomia, Succulents and Cacti, as well as for event days such as Chrysanthemums, Lavender, Cyclamens or Poinsettias.

Peperomia in sand white footed pot
Peace Lily in White Pedestal

Choose your favourite plant which has been potted as pictured and described in the choices available.


Trio of Peperomia Plants in Terrarium

Arriving in Style

The pot is then gift wrapped, ribboned and your personal message is printed on a card to accompany its arrival.

Love the Store to Door Price

Small potted plants are $35 to send and mid sized are just $45, large are $55.

Pot Colours

Our plant pots vary in size and colour and include:

Sandy White

White Pedestal


Soft Pink

Pink Clay

Cement Textured


Green Honeycomb


Footed Charcoal Pot





Plant Type in Pot Colour

Peace Lily White, Peace Lily Green, Fiddle Fig White, Fiddle Fig Green, Peperomia White, Monstera Pink, Palm Cement, Terrarium of Peperomia, Philodendron Green, Peace Lily Charcoal, Fiddle Fig Charcoal, Birds Nest Charcoal

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