About Me

happiness is sunflowersAbout Me: I love to send flowers to family and friends. It had always intrigued me how a little bunch of flowers could deliver the biggest smile, heal a heart and connect two people even closer in their relationship.

woman in despair ordering flowersMy fear: And yet at the same time I dreaded the florist experience. There seemed to be this ‘air of mystery’ around sending flowers – from not knowing what it was I was sending, paying what felt like a lot of money for a lack of ‘decent’ flowers and in the process being treated like a bit of an idiot for not knowing flower names or not knowing exactly what I wanted to send. To sum it up, I had a fear of florists! 

 So it sounds a bit drastic, I know, that I started this floral business based on what I felt was missing in the floral experience.

I wanted the perfect little floral service to;

  • Little Box of Flowers
    Design something significant from the flower world (not necessarily large and lavish) that didn’t cost the earth or blow my budget but just said “I care”.

  • We send a photo of your flower via text
    Show me what I was sending before my friend received it (without experiencing the embarrassment of my friend saying “oh they’re lovely” and wondering if they were)


  • Our Delivery Message in real time
    Let me know when they were delivered and if my friend had received them or they had been left for them somewhere safe

  • Be a happy and efficient service experience whether I phoned the order through or placed it on a website.


Everything that I wanted from florists I’ve put into my little business.

I’m not saying this business is perfect. I’m constantly looking at ways to make it better. So feel free to let me know if there’s something you’d like to see or change.  But right now it is a local floral service that provides quality blooms, beautifully presented, carefully delivered in a happy, joyful or caring and comforting way. Because let’s face it, flowers are beautiful and have an amazing appeal to the eyes and heart. I want that to shine in my business, for my customers and their family and friends!

So here we are, six years later, after I started LBoF with a major career change from teaching and corporate facilitation to the world of floristry – what an incredible time it’s been. I feel very blessed to have the local community and international friends supporting this small business.  I’m happy to also support other local businesses that complement my Flowerboxes in terms of local flowers, gifts and packages and appreciate all our suppliers.  We (as in myself and husband Dean who delivers all the blooms) really couldn’t do this without everyone’s help. And most of all we thank you, our customers. 

Thank you so very much for your ongoing support and floral orders. Thank you for trusting us to design something special and deliver it on your behalf. Stay safe, well and happy as we continue to keep spreading floral cheer!

Lots of Love


Business Owner,  Little Box of Flowers


Email me: julie@littleboxofflowers.com