About Me

I love to send flowers to family and friends. It had always intrigued me how a little bunch of flowers could deliver the biggest smile, heal a heart and connect two people even closer in their relationship. And yet at the same time I dreaded the florist experience. There seemed to be this ‘air of mystery’ around sending flowers – from not knowing what it was I was sending, paying what felt like a lot of money for a lack of ‘decent’ flowers and in the process being treated like a bit of an idiot for not knowing flower names or not knowing exactly what I wanted to send. To sum it up, I had a fear of florists! 

 So it sounds a bit drastic, I know, that I started this floral business based on what I felt was missing in the floral experience.

I wanted the perfect little floral service to;

  • Design something significant from the flower world (not necessarily large and lavish) that didn’t cost the earth or blow my budget but just said “I care”.

  • Show me what I was sending before my friend received it (without experiencing the embarrassment of my friend saying “oh they’re lovely” and wondering if they were)

  • Let me know when they were delivered and if my friend had received them or they had been left for them somewhere safe

  • Be a happy and efficient service experience whether I phoned the order through or placed it on a website.

Lots of Love


Business Owner,  Little Box of Flowers


Email me: julie@littleboxofflowers.com





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